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the design of your Studio

First and foremost, we are dedicated to offering a high quality product with each and every one of our Studios. Our design team has spent hours painstakingly reviewing and revising each intentionally designed studio, just for you. 

the build

Our unique MODULAR system allows us to create YOUR perfect space. From your entryway, to your cabinetry, to increasing your square footage to meet your specific needs, Modbox can simply and easily accommodate. 


All of our Studios come standard with full glass doors to provide ample light, regardless of which Studio Family best suits you. The Studio B family comes standard with French doors and can easily be switched out for Garden or Sliding Glass doors.


Whether you are creating your ideal office set up with a mix of drawers, doors and open shelving, or perhaps provide a welcoming space for people to sit and hidden storage space is a must, our MODULAR system can make it a reality. 


If 107 square feet just is not quite enough, consider utilizing the MODULARITY of the building itself. The Studio is designed so that multiple units can be attached on all 4 sides to create the perfect space to accommodate your needs. Talk to us about how we can help meet your needs.