the design of your Studio

First and foremost, we are dedicated to offering a high quality product with each and every one of our Studios. Our design team has spent hours painstakingly reviewing and revising each intentionally designed studio, just for you. 

the build

Our unique MODULAR system allows us to create YOUR perfect space. From your entryway, to your cabinetry, to increasing your square footage to meet your specific needs, Modbox can simply and easily accommodate. 


All of our Studios come standard with full glass doors to provide ample light, regardless of which Studio Family best suits you. The Studio B family comes standard with French doors and can easily be switched out for Garden or Sliding Glass doors.


Whether you are creating your ideal office set up with a mix of drawers, doors and open shelving, or perhaps provide a welcoming space for people to sit and hidden storage space is a must, our MODULAR system can make it a reality. 


If 107 square feet just is not quite enough, consider utilizing the MODULARITY of the building itself. The Studio is designed so that multiple units can be attached on all 4 sides to create the perfect space to accommodate your needs. Talk to us about how we can help meet your needs.

optional features

Looking to expand on the standard model? We are here to help make this YOUR space, down to the smallest detail. Talk to us about what you need to make your dream project.


exterior features 

Premium siding alternatives, such as Longboard Inspiring Facades.

LiteZone extreme efficiency glass, reaching R values of 16.7, over double that of triple pane glass.

Custom designed composite or natural wood decks & patios.

Custom landscaping options by Oasis Construction Landscaping to truly showcase your new Studio.

interior features

Custom cabinetry to meet your office or home needs.

In-floor heating for those cold winter mornings.

Air conditioning for those hot summer days.

Mini fridge for your personal backyard office or guest room.

materials & specs

The finer details for those inquisitive minds. 

At ModBox Studios, we pride ourselves in our selection of materials. How do we decide? We keep these three key factors in mind:

1. Quality & Warranty

2. Functionality

3. Sustainability

We also believe that supporting our local community is incredibly important. Not only does this lend to our efforts to make our products more sustainable, it also keeps our community thriving. Every major component, and most minor components, of a ModBox Studio is at least touched by a local manufacturer or supplier.

Structural Membrane

All of our units are built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). While functionally, SIPs appear to be the same as a traditional stud frame, they are far superior in two ways: strength of construction and thermal barrier.

SIPs spread the carrying load over the entire panel. This differs from traditionally framed walls where the load is concentrated at each stud. They perform particularly well during natural disaster, like earthquakes and hurricanes.

Unlike traditionally framed walls, SIPs are specifically designed to be completely air tight: no seems or cracks for cold air to work through. So the R-value the SIP is rated to, is the actual R-value you get. This means that the energy requirements to heat and cool the units are considerably lower. 

Energy Efficiency

SIP Thermal Resistance @ -25ºC

Walls: R28

Roof: R46

Floor: R36

Windows & Doors​

ModBox is proud to partner with All Weather Windows to offer a premium, thermally efficient product on all of our models. All Weather Windows has been awarded Manufacturer of the Year by ENERGY STAR® three times in four years because they prioritize customer service and sustainability. AWW has over 400 products that have received ENERGY STAR®’s Most Efficient designation and they continue to be an ambassador for the ENERGY STAR®’s program. 

Integrated Technology

Mysa smart thermostat

August Wifi Smart Lock

Smart dimmer switch for exterior lighting

Smart HRV for continual air circulation

Smart Hub (Google Home or Amazon Echo)

Low Voltage LED Lighting

Electrical Connections 

Power: Prewired and ready to connect to power supply (minimum 40 amp requirement)

Internet: Hardwired CAT6

Heating: Forced Fan or Baseboard 

SIP Panel 3.jpg
August Smart Lock.jpeg

custom projects

Yes, we do custom projects! We encourage you to spend some time familiarizing yourself with our predesigned units. They are going to be your most cost effective, simplest solution. However, if they just are not quite the right fit, let's chat about your needs!

want to learn more about custom projects?  Check out our Custom Projects Page or reach out to us directly