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leasing & financing options

At ModBox, we understand that having options is important. A Studio is as much an equity investment as it is a personal investment; therefore, the financing options should reflect that. We have worked very hard to find partners to provide alternative solutions for all of our customers. Below, we have included information on ModBox financing and leasing solutions, as well as information on alternative that customers can pursue independently. Please reach out to us if you have any questions related to our financing and leasing options.


Modbox is happy to offer leasable Studios for those looking for a more short term option or hoping to expense the costs. We offer a variety of leasing terms at different price points. Please contact us today to discuss our leasing options.

financing for self-employed individuals or business owners

ModBox Studios, in partnership with Peel Financial, is proud to offer financing to our self-employed (Corporations, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships) customers. Terms (rate, down payment amount, length of term, etc.) of the financing will be dependent on the overall credit profile. Click the link below for more information.

financing for home owners

Consider talking to a mortgage specialist about your home equity. Mortgage rates remain incredibly low, providing an excellent opportunity for those interested in growing their assets. Modbox Studios has partnered with Ken Mercer at Canadian Mortgage Professionals to provide support for anyone looking to learn more about their home equity. For more information on Ken and the team at Canadian Mortgage Professionals, click the link below.

financing for full time employees

With Canadian prime interests rates remaining low, consider talking to your bank about a line of credit. Many are offering starting rates at prime, or just above. Typically, a line of credit requires some form of equity, like a home, but it does not require you to remortgage that asset. The asset will be treated like collateral for your line of credit. 

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