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The Foundation of YOUR Backyard Oasis - Oasis Construction Landscaping Ltd.

“People think that landscaping is just a guy with a truck and a shovel, but it’s really a combination of every trade. I think it’s a combination of honesty, trust, building, and service.”

These are the words of Thomas Rochow, President and Owner of Oasis Construction Landscaping Ltd., a trusted partner of ModBox Studios. Tom’s journey in the construction industry began with summer jobs in his last year of high school and the start of university. Having always had a fondness for business and commerce, an education in the subject was a natural choice. Coincidentally, it was an assignment wherein students were tasked to create a plan for a sustainable Calgary-based business where Tom conceived the idea for Oasis Construction Landscaping. Having received an A+ for the assignment, Tom felt confident diving headfirst into his entrepreneurial journey in an industry he already knew and loved. Fifteen years and many projects later, Oasis has evolved into Calgary’s go-to for complete backyard design and build projects.

Photography credits to Jamen Rhodes.


Oasis Construction Landscaping paves the way for your building experience with ModBox Studios, quite literally. Oasis tackles the groundwork upon which your ModBox Studio will be placed. We chose to work with only the best for this step because what you don’t see is just as, if not more, important than what you do see when it comes to building projects. To put it in Tom’s words: “it’s not about cutting corners and doing it quickly, it’s about doing it right.” He carries the mentality that if you wouldn’t want this quality of work done at your house, if it is not the best you could possibly do, then it’s not good enough for clients.

Why Oasis?

What makes Oasis different from other landscaping companies in Calgary? Well, with fifteen years of helping homeowners make their backyard dreams a reality, Tom and his team are well equipped to take on any project. Oasis has built a vast network of exceptional contractors, with its stellar work and glowing reputation, that help to realize even the most intricate of custom backyard design projects. It is also the customer experience that makes Oasis unique. Despite having several projects on the go at once across the company, Oasis has a small business feel where a client can get in touch with Tom at any time. He is dedicated to ensuring that every client is happy with the services that Oasis provides.

Photography credits to Jamen Rhodes.


The team at ModBox Studios is delighted to be working with the professionals at Oasis Construction Landscaping Ltd. to merge the best of both worlds: modern backyard studios and beautiful backyard design.

We want to chat about your project! Contact us here today.

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