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The Backyard Guest Studio: Your Perfect Space Solution

Why a Backyard Guest Studio?

Do you have an expanding family, kids who want to bring their friends to your home for a sleepover, or want to have the in-laws over for a weekend? Having company over to your home is a challenge when sleeping arrangements are limited. Nobody wants to be the unlucky person left to sleep on the couch! Or maybe, as a host, you are looking to provide the comforts of privacy. No matter your motives for wanting some extra space, the prospect of invasive and costly home renovations only adds another layer to the issue. At ModBox, we solve this problem by offering charming, intentionally designed backyard guest studios that can be simply and easily integrated onto your existing property.

Building YOUR Perfect Backyard Guest Studio

With a 107 sq. ft footprint, our Studio B family offers the perfect space for a backyard bedroom. Your guests are set for a comfortable stay with room for both a queen-sized bed and a nightstand. Storage is simple as we offer the ability to add cabinetry that is perfectly suited to your needs; guests can leave the bulky suitcases behind!

We also recognize the importance of offering comfort with privacy. After all, everyone needs a little personal space, whether you are a guest or a homeowner. To achieve your private backyard oasis and block out the morning sun as needed, we have partnered with Normandeau Window Coverings to provide the option of adding premium blinds to suit your style.

We offer a wide range of optional features to help you create your perfect guest studio. We would love to provide more information and chat about your project! Contact us here today.

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