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Going Beyond Expectation with Fuzion Flooring - ModBox Studios

Fuzion Flooring CEO and founder Victor at head office in Mississauga, ON

The most successful companies build their business upon the triple bottom line, emphasizing profitability alongside social and environmental impact. Not only did Fuzion’s gorgeous hand-selected, trend-driven products lead to ModBox Studios’ supplier relationship with Fuzion Flooring, but their dedication to sustainability and community involvement set them apart as a top choice for us to work with.

A Canadian-founded company, Fuzion Flooring began going Beyond Expectation in Richmond Hill, Ontario, in 2006. At this time, the Fuzion team consisted of Victor, the founder and CEO, and three employees. This year, Fuzion Flooring celebrates 15 years of operation in North America with over 100 employees and growing, more than 1,200 dealers, and multiple distribution centers all over Canada and into the United States.

Fuzion Atlantis, the wood laminate that we offer in our Studios, is waterproof!

Fuzion continues to grow by embracing an ongoing product development process influenced by current design trends. Fuzion is delighted to start working with the infamous Sarah Richardson Design Inc. to continue to deliver high-quality and stylish products to homeowners across North America. Despite the company’s massive growth, Victor remains very hands-on with each and every collection, right down to colour selections. Keeping a passion for design and the customer journey in mind, Victor puts his heart into each collection.

The importance of the customer's health and happiness is common ground between Fuzion Flooring and ModBox Studios. The fact that Fuzion Floorscore certifies every single one of their products is one of the most significant factors in our use of their flooring in a number of our Studios. Floorscore is the most recognized indoor air quality certification for flooring. When you see this certification, you can rest assured that your brand new flooring will not be harmful to your or your families health.

As previously mentioned, Fuzion is also dedicated to making environmentally conscious and community-driven business decisions. To this point, one noteworthy Fuzion product is its engineered hardwood products. While having an indistinguishable look to its solid hardwood counterpart, engineered hardwood products use far fewer resources in its manufacturing. These products use a thinner layer of wood attached to a backing which effectively allows the manufacturing of more product per tree. Additionally, Fuzion Flooring has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for each hardwood sale they make. Once it is safe to do so in the climate of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fuzion team plans to go out and “get their hands dirty” planting trees themselves.

ModBox Studios is so excited to be offering affordable yet luxurious Studio flooring options from Fuzion Flooring!

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