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Designing Your Ideal Office Space with Contemporary Office Interiors – ModBox Studios

When making the switch from traditional out-of-home jobs to remote work, the composition of your home office is a major key to a successful work environment. Designing a professional space that hosts both comfort and functionality is the ultimate key to fostering productivity. One of our main goals at Modbox Studios is to help our customers separate working and living when conducting work from home, because it is essential for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We want to see our valued customers thrive in their new workplace environment. This is why our team at Modbox Studios decided to team up with Contemporary Office Interiors to create some digital illustrations of what your home office setup could look like in one of our studio models.

Bella Studio Model, COI Design Illustration, Front View

A company that originated on Canadian soil in Calgary, 1968, Contemporary Office Interiors prides itself on quality, and shows this through means of

customer service and design solutions. The overall objective at Contemporary Office Interiors is to maintain the element of modernity while curating personalized office designs for every customer, which is eminently ideal for any home office owner. The interior design industry is ever-changing, making the need for a timeless modern office interior into a necessity for anyone who may be in search of an upgrade.

Bella Studio Model, COI Design Illustration, Side View

Once we have built one of our studios in your backyard, the next step for you is to utilize the space in whichever way you see fit. We want to help you as much as possible in this process, which is why we have sought out to find one of the best companies in the design game to help you do so. Contemporary Office Interiors can help you to conceptualize, visualize, and actualize a home office design that is specific to you and your ideal space for productivity.

Contemporary Office Interiors is also environmentally responsible and makes consistent efforts at improving sustainability in numerous areas of their day-to-day operations. This includes efforts to use recycled materials in production, as well as recyclable or reusable packaging in distribution. The company aims to integrate environmentally conscious practices through representing the sustainability initiative of Herman Miller, a

furniture company of which they are a distributor. The initiative is based on the recycling and repurposing of plastic in production which would otherwise end up in the ocean. Further, COI maintains the use of building products with low volumes of volatile organic compounds help to save the earth and ozone as well as their customers from harmful chemicals. In addition to having local recycling and composting programs in place, COI actively employs measures to reduce energy usage and emissions in their operations. Efforts to help the community are made through the donation to local charities of any proceeds made from recycled bottles.

Take a look at Contemporary Office Interior's website here to find more information about their products and services.

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