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Big Dreams, Small Backyard Studios

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

"Keep your head in the clouds and your feet in the dirt."

This is the guiding motto of our CEO and founder, Keith Moe. As a child, Keith was awed by the uncomplicated beauty found in his surrounding prairie landscape. With its bright blue skies and golden fields, the prairies offered an endless realm of inspiration for a young boy who had big dreams of design and building. This passion for design was born, according to Keith, after having viewed real estate listings in newspapers and daydreaming of what it would be like to live in those houses.

Despite having received education and accreditation in structural engineering and becoming a licensed interior designer, Keith remains tied to his roots. The prairie's vast bright blue skies and rich golden fields inspired the welcoming and simple elements that Keith includes in his ventures. His design career speaks to the ingenuity and resourcefulness that provides solutions to creating beautiful spaces that appear high-end while working with accessible materials. The Usonian principles adapted by Frank Lloyd Wright are also in alignment with Keith's vision. In particular, Keith believes that beautiful and thoughtful design should not be solely accessible to the wealthy.

Having already manifested this concept by creating Re + U, a company specializing in handcrafted furniture utilizing reclaimed materials, Keith expanded his adaptation of Usonian principles to theorize something slightly different. Fascinated by the idea of building modular structures with pre-cut and measured materials, Keith initially imagined constructing emergency shelters during the floods that occurred in Calgary in 2013. This primary idea faced logistical challenges that ultimately led Keith to rethink prefab buildings in a different context.

He manifested a unique spin on a product that was already receiving considerable hype in the market: modular backyard studios. Keith's vision for the backyard studio shed was unlike that of those that already existed. He strived to achieve a design that was not overcomplicated and focused on an exceptional user experience by combining modern and clean aesthetics aligned to the core functional needs of its occupants. The result? Keith's drive to achieve simple, accessible, yet modern spaces led him to conceive the idea for ModBox Studios.

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