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Backyard Office Studios - Why MODulate Your At-Home Workspace?

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, most everyone has had to navigate moving from an in-person office to an online work environment. As we now know, this was no small feat. Between technical difficulties, family members unknowingly interrupting important meetings, and the dress shirt and pants (optional) uniform mishaps, working from home has brought its challenges.

Even as the global pandemic dragged on, and Zoom workspaces felt more familiar, you may not have found your remote working “groove”. You know that working from home could be a great experience; no commute, more flexibility, and most importantly more time spent with loved ones. However, maybe you and your partner have been stepping on each other’s toes, you cannot get the dirty laundry pile off your mind, or you have a difficult time separating what is work and what is personal time. These drawbacks could be eliminated by establishing a distraction-free dedicated workspace right in your backyard.

Kick Back & Enjoy…

There is bliss in waking up knowing that you do not have to sit in morning traffic for an hour before starting work. You can take that extra-long shower or cook yourself and the family a fancy breakfast instead of running out of the door in a frenzied rush. Without a commute, you have more time for whatever brings you joy.

Your workday begins with a 12-second walk from your home to your backyard studio, where your personal corner office awaits. Never again would you have to worry about the tidiness of your home in the background of your video call; a ModBox Studio allows for the perpetual maintenance of a professional-looking space. Free from distractions, you are able to dedicate yourself fully to your tasks during working hours.

Work & Life Balanced

We have had a number of remote workers mention to us how they felt as if never were really “done” work for the day. After all, if you are working from the living room or the kitchen table, work is at home and home is at work. Having a backyard office space allows for the creation of physical and mental boundaries between your work and home lives. By using a backyard home office in conjunction with putting your laptop and work phone away, you are allowing yourself to stay present with your loved ones after working hours. Being able to spend this quality time with your family and allowing yourself to take time to rest and recharge is invaluable. Overall, having a backyard office studio assists in avoiding burnout and the maintenance of healthy work-life boundaries.

We want to hear more about your backyard office studio project! Contact us here today.

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