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Backyard Home Gym Studio - Home Workouts Reimagined

Fall in Love with Fitness in a Backyard Home Gym

The fitness world has been flipped upside down since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With gyms and fitness centers periodically closing and partially re-opening, home workouts have become the norm for many active enthusiasts. During a worldwide health crisis where many aspects of daily life are out of peoples’ hands, personal physical fitness has been one thing that individuals can control.

Some individuals miss the traditional routine of going to a big box gym with numerous fancy machines. However, many individuals are embracing the more fundamental and convenient aspects of the home workout experience. At ModBox Studios, we have intentionally designed our backyard studios with functionality in mind. We will help you level up your fitness space with a private, distraction-free, motivating area that will make you fall in love with fitness all over again. One more thing... this perfect home gym would be right in your backyard. No commute necessary.

Privacy at its Peak

The fear of being monitored and judged by other gym-goers is frequently cited as a reason to avoid the traditional fitness center setting. Thus, for those with this phobia, home workouts have been embraced with few complaints. However, finding a space to exercise uninterrupted at home can be extremely difficult for those who live with pets or loved ones. Whether it be a puppy wanting to play or kids wanting to know what is for dinner, home workouts can be filled with distractions that detract from the quality of your training. This is where a separate space to get your sweat session in is needed. Stepping into one of our climate-controlled modular backyard studios is the perfect solution to meet your fitness goals from home with laser focus.

Building your Perfect Backyard Gym Studio

Whatever your preferred fitness activity is, a ModBox Studio can be equipped with high-durability rubber flooring to ensure that you can partake in an intense workout without worrying about inflicting any accidental damage. You also have the option of building a larger fitness palace to fit any and all equipment you may need by attaching two or more units.

We want to hear about your project! Contact us here.

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