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Backyard Art Studios: The Ultimate Artist's Oasis

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Why a ModBox Art Studio?

Lanne, pictured above, is an exceptional creator who offers the unique perspective of viewing a ModBox Studio from the lens of an artist. She recently shared her thoughts with us, having previously experienced our Studio: the perfect backyard creative escape.

Lanne, who has worked with a variety of mediums to create her pieces, recalled that the backyard art studio was the perfect size for everything you would need (easel, canvas, paint, brushes, etc.). The natural light was something that really stood out to her. The benefits of the natural light that a ModBox Studio offers, as she explained, are twofold. Light is essential to those artists who include fine details in their work; you must be able to see exactly what you’re doing at all times. Further, the way in which a ModBox Studio is built, with one ‘feature’ glass wall and three solid walls, allows an artist to avoid their piece being drowned out by sunlight. It is simple to move your work as the sun changes its position in the sky to ensure the best lighting possible at all times.

Need to block out the sunlight in your art studio shed to work on your masterpiece? It is easy to install blinds over ModBox’s energy-efficient windows so that you can control the levels of natural light. Each ModBox Studio is also equipped with thoughtfully placed lighting to set your perfect ambiance.

The "Third Space"

We also asked Lanne what she thought of having a “third space”; one that is separate from where you work and live. She recalled when she was able to have an art studio separate from her house. She loved having a third space to take her mind out of the home, and avoid everyday distractions like chores (putting the laundry in etc.).

When you are creating and ‘in your own world’ it is great to be in a contained space, she mentioned, so that nobody can interrupt the creative processing. Beyond household distractions, there would be no need to be taken away from your work by running out of something because everything you need will be on hand and close by. Lanne loved the concept and recommended it as a great option for a variety of artists including those working with oil-based paints, multimedia art, and needlepoint artists among others.

We would love to build your backyard studio masterpiece! Contact us here and tell us about your project.

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