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All In An Honest Day's Work: Kohl Electric

There is something to be said about an individual who builds a successful business without the noise; no social media, no blog posts, and even no website. To find an individual like this is rare in today’s society, where we are constantly surrounded by digital advertising and other media. Marketing buzz words and fancy imagery can capture your attention, but those elements sometimes lack the leverage point behind word-of-mouth marketing: trust.

Nathaniel de Cocq is the man behind Kohl Electric, ModBox Studios’ partner for all electrical work required to power your Studio. Nathaniel began his career working in the industrial electrical industry but began transitioning to work in the residential sector as he started his family. Nathaniel took every opportunity he could to develop his knowledge and experience with residential electrical work, even going around his neighborhood and helping out with electrical jobs at one point.

The ability to have his own business and draw his own permits for electrical work fuelled Nathaniel’s interest in becoming a Master Electrician. Curious and unassuming, Nathaniel challenged the test required to achieve this certification. Although his wife was the least bit shocked, Nathaniel was pleasantly surprised to receive news that he had passed the test. Fast forward to today, Nathaniel has been working alongside a building company for ten years while managing his own business, Kohl Electric, on the side.

It is not just Nathaniel’s humility that drew ModBox Studios to partner with Kohl Electric. Nathaniel is dedicated to ensuring that he does an exceptional job for every client. This means that he takes on projects as if they were electrical jobs for his own house. Nathaniel is committed to offering clients honest pricing and uses his outstanding attention to detail to troubleshoot and ensure that his high standards for safety are met. In fact, he prefers to work alone to establish peace of mind that the job was done right. However, in the case of a larger job, he does have select individuals he knows to work to his rigorous specifications.

Nathaniel is very family-focused and works to live rather than lives to work. As such, the goal for his business is not massive growth but rather continuing to offer trusted service to his local community. Success to Nathaniel is being able to provide for his family, and he plans to continue to do so while still being able to spend quality time with them.

We are incredibly proud to partner with Kohl Electric for all of our electrical needs. Just like Nathaniel, we provide only the best for our clients.

Do you have a project in mind? Help us manifest your big dream of a small backyard studio by contacting us here today!

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