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Is delivery included?

Currently, we offer delivery and installation at no extra cost for Calgary and surrounding areas for on-site fabrications. If you wish to have your unit prefabricated and delivered to minimize installation time, we are happy to provide a quote. Please reach out to us to discuss your options.


We are happy to announce that starting in 2022 we will be offering our product across Canada! These units will be prefabricated and delivered to your site. We will provide detailed electrical and foundation schematics for the your trades so that the units can be placed, hooked up and ready to go when they arrive! Delivery costs will vary depending on your location and access. Please reach out to us for more information!

We will hopefully soon be shipping to the US as well! We are working out some of the details for deliveries to our southern friends, so please bare with us and keep an eye on our website and social media platforms for more information. 

What does Modbox take care of for you project?

For Calgary and area, we act as the project manager for your installation. We have partnered with a variety of excellent contractors around the city to offer all of the necesary services required for installation.

For those beyond the Calgary area, we will provide the customer with detailed schematics for the electrical and foundation requiremnts that can be provided to the trades of their choice.

What is the purchaser responsible for?

For all projects, the electrical connection and foundation costs are additional to the cost of the unit.


For Calgary and area, we provide a detailed quote for the cost of both. Each project placement and associated costs are slightly different; the electrical hook up and foundation vary from approximately $2,500 (within 10' of electrical connection) to $3,500 (within 50' of electrical connection).


For those beyond the Calgary area, we will provide detailed schematics for the electrical and foundation requirements to the customer so they can acquire accurate quotes from local trades in their area to complete the installation. 

Can I come see a Studio?

Absolutely! Our prototype is here in Calgary. We encourage people to come get a feel for the space before they make a purchase. While many aspects of the Studio have evolved since the prototype was built, the size of the space, the amount of natural light and the overall feel all remain the same. 

Let us know if you would like to spend a day in it and we'll arrange it! Contact us for more information.

Why choose a ModBox over a home addition?

There are many reasons to choose a ModBox over a traditional home addition. Where we see the greatest value is two fold; first and foremost, you gain the addition of a separate, semi-private space. Whether it's for work, everyday living, or just a playful space for the whole family to use, creating separation from the home can add immense, intangible value to your life.

Second, our process is far less invasive than a home addition. Which means that you are not having to live in a home under renovation. Our installation process is simple and efficient. We will work with you to manage your project with time and budget in mind.

What are the benefits of having a separate space?

Imagine being just steps away from your home when your kids arrive back from school; or being available to your partner and baby as new parents; or perhaps having the luxury of a slow transition back into the work space as you near the end of your parental leave; or study space for your kids at home; or guest room for the in-laws; or even just a family space outside of the home.

There are so many situations where a little personal space is exactly what we need. What it comes down to is a bit of psychology. Creating separation between certain aspects of your life, work life and home life for example, can add immense value. 


Some recent studies, like this one, have shown that working from home can increase productivity and employee satisfaction. However, it is important to note that this hinges on your work environment. What kind of distractions are you having to overcome? Kids? Pets? Spouses working in the same space? Whatever it is, creating that separation is the key. Pair that with an extremely shortened commute giving you an extra 30-90 minutes a day, and it's hard to beat.


The idea of the traditional workspace is no longer the only option, however, it is important that we recognize the significance of creating the right work-from-home environment.

How is a ModBox Studio assembled?

Our Studios can be fabricated in place, or prefabricated off-site and delivered to minimize on-site installation time.



What are the dimensions of a ModBox?

Length: 10'4" (3.15m)

Width: 10'4" (3.15m)

Height: 11'9" (3.58m)

Building footprint: 107ft  (10m )

What kind of materials are used in a ModBox?

It is difficult to list all of the materials, as we use such a wide variety to find the right finished unit for each buyer. However, for all of our material selections, we try keep these 3 key features in mind:

1. Quality & Warranty

2. Functionality

3. Sustainability

We also believe that supporting our local community is incredibly important. Not only does this lend to our efforts to make our products more sustainable, it also helps to keep our community thriving! Every major component, and most minor components, of a ModBox Studio are at least touched by a local manufacturer or supplier. 


What is included in a ModBox Studio?

Every Studio comes fully finished, inside and out, with your selection of materials. They are fully wired for power, heat and lighting to an electrical panel placed on the outside of the unit. Every unit comes standard with a smart thermostat, a smart light switch for the exterior lights and a keyless smart lock.

Is cabinetry included?

No, cabinetry is not included in the base price. Each Studio, and each buyer, has different requirements, and therefore a one-cabinet-fits-all solution does not work. We use a modular cabinetry system with open & closed shelving options, as well as a variety of drawer sizes to meet your needs. We will work with you to find the cabinetry configuration that makes the most sense for your project.

What are the power requirements for a Studio?

Each Studio requires a 40 amp service. This is enough for all heating, cooling, power and lighting requirements.

What kind of warranty does ModBox offer?

ModBox products are built to last a lifetime. We put a very strong emphasis on sourcing our products for their quality and warranty. To us, a warranty speaks directly to a manufacturers confidence in their product.  Almost all of our products come with phenomenal warranties; anywhere from 10 to 50 years. 

While ModBox is not a home builder, we choose to adhere ourselves to the same standards – the Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act.

One year for labour and materials

Covers any defects in materials and labour related to how the home was constructed and materials used. This may include things such as flooring, staircases, baseboards, cabinets, railings and other trim and fixtures.

Two years for delivery and distribution systems

Covers defects related to the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning delivery systems.

Five years for building envelope protection

The building envelope is the shell of the home, including the roof and walls. It is the separation between the interior and exterior environments of a building, which protects the indoor environment and facilitates climate control. The act requires a minimum 5 years of coverage, with the requirement that warranty providers offer builders the option of purchasing an additional 2 years of building envelope coverage.

10 years for major structural components

Major structural consists of the frame, including the roof’s structural integrity, and the foundation.

Does ModBox do fully customized units?

Absolutely! We love to dive into new creative projects with our customers. Collaboration can lead to some pretty incredible outcomes.

We also believe in full transparency. It is very important to us that our customers know the process before we start. Custom projects, while fun and exciting, can change the costs drastically. To make this approachable for you as the customer, and feasible for us as the builder, we have created two intermediate design steps. Each of these two steps comes with a small fee and will allow you, the customer, to learn more about the costs of the project without over-committing.


Please reach out to us to learn more about this process.



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